Case Studies

Want to learn more about my process and the challenges I faced? Check out these case studies!

Creating Twisted Road’s Admin Dashboard

Improving the IA of the website to provide a better seamless experience for renters and owners.

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Buying Produce With SwiftLane Checkout

Reimagining the way people shop for products and produce in grocery stores

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Contactless Checkout With SwiftLane Checkout

Amazon Go’s contactless shopping experience blew people’s minds. But scaling that model is difficult. My team designed a product that would bring that magic to grocers across the country easily. 

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Designing for Retail During the Pandemic

Grocery and Retail were never the same after COVID-19. People’s shopping habits changed overnight. Many products I designed were meant to work with people’s behaviors or to change their behaviors. But this time, my team scrambled to adapt to people’s changing expectations.  Here’s what I learned designing UX during the Pandemic. 

Park With Your Wrist on SpotHero’s Watch App

In 2017 Apple approached and partnered with us to help diversify their new Apple Watch App store with a parking app. We worked with Apple to design an Apple Watch app that allowed people to book and park all on the wrist!

Navigating a Big Problem With NYC’s Oversized Parking

Driving in NYC is a headache. But it didn’t end there for some users. Oversized vehicles were often rejected or charged extra in many locations without users knowing. I went to New York City to work with our NYC team and partners to understand the problem and design a solution to help our parkers.