My Work
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My Work

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Case Studies


Hello below are some case studies for my work. These will show you an in depth look at my process and thinking. Some of these projects are password protected because of NDA or the project has not gone to market yet. If you are a recruiter, please email me at for a password.

Redefining the Parking Pass

Our Parking Pass provided all the information a user needed to find their parking spot and park. Unfortunately many of our users did not take the time to read through everything. Find out how we battled tows, fees and a fragmented parking industry.

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Solving an Oversized Problem in New York

Oversized Fees are a very unique problem in NYC. As a response to the limited spaces in parking lots and garages, oversized fees are a huge source of frustration for parkers in NYC. Learn how we worked to bring transparency and streamline the process for our users and parking attendants.

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Save Time Parking

Apple approached us to translate the SpotHero experience into an Apple Watch App. Find out how we approached designing an Apple Watch App and along the way how we explored a brand new product and how we chose the most compelling use cases to build our Watch experience around to provide the best product we felt our users could take advantage of.

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Making Health Stats More Fun & Engaging

After higi acquired EarnedIt, a whole new segment of users and metrics were introduced into the higi platform. Learn how we rearchitected the mobile products and brought everything together to provide our users a more complete picture of their health. Along the way we looked for ways to create habit forming features and promote positive behavior changes.

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Rediscover Shopping Local

Shopping local and finding mom and pop shops is not simple. Often times you discover these amazing gems in neighborhoods through word of mouth or if you accidentally stumble upon one. Enter NearBuy, a platform to promote discoverability to these fantastic but little known shops and brands. Find out what went into designing and developing this product and our learnings along the way. Featured on Behance’s Website Served.  

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