JJ Lee
Product Designer,
Design Educator,
Sneaker Lover, & Explorer

About Me

Hi, I’m a Product Designer with extensive experience working in Start Up environments, designing and scaling products. I’m able to take products and features from ideation to market due to my multidisciplinary design skillset. When I’m not designing thoughtful products or crafting beautiful brand identities, I love exploring the PNW & shooting wildlife/ nature photography.

Years of
Based In

Chicago, IL
Vancouver, BC
Seattle, WA (Currently)

Design Skills

-Product Design
-Service Design
-Brand Identity

Experience & Achievements

2009-2012 Vancouver & Early Chicago
  • Wiiv Interior

    Product Design • Vancouver, BC • 2010-2011

  • ★ Adobe Behance: Packaging Design Served

    Vitamin Water Packaging • 2012

  • Reppio

    Design Director • Chicago, IL 2012-2013

  • ★ Adobe Behance: Website Served

    Reppio Web App • 2014

  • ★ LogoLounge 8

    Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church Logo • 2014

2013 - 2017 Chicago

    Co-Founder & Design Instructor • Chicago, IL • 2013- 2018

  • Sittercity

    Senior Designer • Chicago, IL • 2013- 2014

  • higi

    Product Designer • Chicago, IL • 2014-2016

  • Spothero

    Product Design Lead • Chicago, IL • 2016-2018

  • ★ LogoLounge 10

    Old Chicago Brewery Co Logo • 2017

  • MWUX'18

    Creative Director & Committee Member • Chicago, IL • 2017-2018

2018 - Present Seattle
  • ✍︎ DESIGNATION Labs Acquired by FlatIron Schools/ WeWork


  • Swiftly

    Senior Product Design Lead • Seattle • 2018- 2022

  • Amenities

    Lead Product Designer • Dallas • 2022-Present

My Work

(Coming Soon)

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

Sol Korean Restaurant Logo

Frostea Ecommerce Site

Apple Watch UX

Nearbuy Web App

MWUX '18 Brand Identity

Vitaminwater Capsule Concept

MenuLikes App

Vancouver Korean Presbyterian Church Logo

What People Say About Me

"JJ, by far, is the most experienced and skilled UI/UX designer I have had the privilege to work alongside. His ability to concisely define the user experience and produce the graphical interfaces/flows to produce his vision is uncanny. Bundle that up with his passion for keeping up with trends in the industry and work ethic; it's no wonder he is so highly sought and recommended. If given the chance, I would gladly work with him again."

Fleming Au
Former Partner & Head of Mobile Technologies at Reppio

"The only thing that might outshine JJ's passion for design may be his dedication and commitment toward his students. JJ was an incredible instructor and mentor who’s influenced me to always push my boundaries. I always left his lectures feeling inspired and thinking how I can better myself (or the world!) as a young designer. I’ve relied on his knowledge and expertise many times for feedback—he always made time for his students and knows how to give great constructive critiques that have proven to be truly valuable many times over. I’ve seen my visual design work before JJ and after JJ--and it’s obvious that his influence and feedback has allowed me to grow so much in such a short time period. Thanking JJ a million times over wouldn’t be enough!"

Amy Ton
Former Student at DESIGNATION Labs

"JJ’s excellence is fueled by his insatiable curiosity. As a designer, JJ’s UX know-how is matched by his ability to bring product interactions to life with aesthetic qualities that make interfaces beautiful and effortless. His ability to see the whole product as an experiential composition affords him the ability to infuse an emotional ethos into his work that results in a more compelling and engaging product experience. As a contributor and teammate, JJ is trustworthy, reliable, and selfless. As a leader, JJ is magnanimous, encouraging, and constructive in his technical instruction. Most importantly, JJ cares about others and he cares deeply about the work he does. He is compassionate, humble, and sincere. If you have the opportunity to work with JJ, I’d highly recommend that you do."

Ryan Wynia
Former Vice President, Design & Product Science at higi

"It’s rare to come across a standout talent like JJ. I had the pleasure of working with him on several projects at Reppio, and he took me under his wing as I began my design career. During our time together, I marveled at JJ’s ability to juggle multiple initiatives with extremely tight deadlines. He also educated our team on the importance of making useful, usable, and desirable products. His efforts made a dramatic difference in delivering a beautiful product that focused on meeting the needs our target market. And, of course, JJ always found ways to inspire and motivate our team. JJ would be a true asset to any team requiring forward thinking and leadership, and he comes with my highest recommendation. "

Jason Azares
Former Colleague at Reppio

"JJ is an incredible designer. Super talented, skilled, dependable, reliable, no ego, engaged in his work and the team. All around he is a super guy to work with and I hope that I get the opportunity to work with JJ again in the future. He is also just a great guy through and through. Very privileged to have worked with him but even more important glad I can now call him a friend. "

Trey Simmons
Former Creative Director at SitterCity

"I was fortunate enough to study visual design under JJ at DESIGNATION Labs. JJ's commitment to helping students achieve their potential rivals his skill as a designer. I've rarely seen teachers with more dedication or patience. He gives freely of his time to work one on one with students and his passion for design is contagious. I can't say I'd have been able to make as much progress as quickly as I have without his mentorship. Having a great teacher like JJ has made all the difference."

Amy Sherman
Former Student at DESIGNATION Labs

I like nature & wildlife photography. Follow my adventures and travel.

Thank You!